How to Tour Napa Valley with Kids on a Budget

Visiting Napa Valley with kids can be tricky and expensive. Not only does the area offer the travelers the best of luxury vacation, with lush hotels, hot spring spas, gourmet food and award-winning wine, but it is also home to beautiful architecture and a range of family friendly activities. If you just add good weather it becomes clear why Napa Valley is considered a dream vacation destination. However, the area has an easy-going side too, which makes it possible to bring the kids along and explore Napa Valley on a budget. Look into these travel ideas that are both kid and budget friendly. It turns out that a family friendly getaway to Napa Valley can be affordable for everyone.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Napa Valley

You don't need a fortune to eat like a king in Napa Valley. The locals and budget savvy travelers haunt the Oxbow Public Market for some quick but still delicious meals offered by a range of outdoor vendors. The hottest places to eat there are C Casa serving tacos, Hog Island Oyster Bar, Eiko's with their delicious sushi and Live Fire Pizza, to name just a few. You can satisfy your sweet tooth at Kara's offering mouthwatering cupcakes, enjoy ice-cream from Three Twins, or savor chocolate desserts from Anette's. And after strolling along the market stalls treat yourself to a glass of refreshing beer at the outdoor patio of Fieldwork Brewing Co.
Another budget friendly place to eat in Napa Valley is located within a stone's throw of Oxbow. Gott's Roadside features delicious and nourishing versions of classic American dishes everyone loves so much. For example, a family of four can have a sumptuous dinner there for just around $45.
The Culinary Institute of America at Copia serves quick but delicious meals on the weekends. Just make sure you get to the Box Office to get a variety of salads, sandwiches, and tasty desserts. You can enjoy your meal in the beautiful garden nearby. If you are looking for budget friendly places to eat in Downtown Napa we recommend visiting Gott's Roadside in St. Helena or V. Sattui Winery located nearby. The winery features great facilities for an outdoor picnic and the large deli, where customers can have a baguette, cheese, salads and some wine.
A good place to eat for the whole family is Buster's Southern BBQ in Calistoga. Operating since 1965 it serves delicious Louisiana inspired food.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Napa Valley

Family-Friendly Hotel

Napa Valley is home to plenty of family friendly accommodation options, such as RiverPointe Napa Valley that consists of small cottages perfect for families on vacation. Each cottage comes with its own small kitchen and deck. The cottages overlook the scenic Napa River Trail, where you can have a walk or ride a bike in the morning. RiverPointe offers many activities for families, including the pool and game room, movies and more. Adult guests can also experience wine tastings.

Family Friendly Attractions in Napa Valley

When you travel with kids you need to get them entertained. Luckily downtown Napa has so many things to do that your little ones will never feel bored. First, take them to the Napa Riverfront, where they can see the historic buildings, visit shops and art galleries, and enjoy ice cream at Anette's Chocolates.
Hang out at Oxbow Public Market offering super low prices for Happy Hour Monday-Thursday and don't miss their special food events for Local's Nights. Another great place to visit with kids is the Napa Art Walk featuring a remarkable collection of outdoor sculptures. When it comes to entertaining the smallest ones, Playground Fantastico is the place to go to. This huge castle playground will keep them busy at least for a couple of hours while you are relaxing in the shade.
Of course, classic wine tasting experience is not something that is compatible with kids. But you can change the format of your winery visits and skip the tasting fees to make touring the wineries a kid-friendly activity. Consider exploring the outside of the properties like Darioush, Chateau Montelana and Beringer that will impress both adults and the kids with the unique architecture and beautiful gardens.
Get the kids to explore a real Italian castle Castello di Amoroso complete with towers, dungeons and knight armor. We recommend booking a self-guided tour of this amazingly beautiful castle that includes wine tasting for adults along with juice, chocolate and coloring pages for the kids.