The Guide to Packing a Perfect Picnic

Everyone loves a mid-day picnic, but nothing is worse than unpacking your basket only to realize you have forgotten a few essential supplies. Follow the guide below to ensure you have everything you need on your next picnic extravaganza.


  1. Pack casual food that can be eaten without utensils, like sandwiches!
  2. Avoid foods that need a lot of condiments and make sure to pack everything in resealable containers. The more lightweight, the better.
  3. If condiments are needed, try to find mini jars of mustard and ketchup which take a long time to expire.
  4. Throw salt and pepper in your tote incase anyone's meal needs a little extra seasoning.
  5. Enclose everything with an ice pack or bag of ice as food not stored at the right temperature can harbor bacteria and spoil. Thus, it is important to keep everything cold to ensure it is chilled as it is transported. You can later utilize your ice cubes to cool your picnic beverages as you eat your meal. Try to utilize everything you packed to lighten your load on the trip home.


picnick at vineyard
  1. If picnicking as a family, it is important to bring an assortment of kid-friendly drinks as well as adult beverages, like juice and wine.
  2. Bring appropriate cups to distribute your beverages.
  3. Do not forget to pick up after yourself to ensure our environment stays trash free. Cups have a tendency to roll away, so be extra careful with these items.


  1. Pack an adequate amount of plates. If possible, choose eco-friendly plates made from either paper or bamboo.
  2. Utensils, if absolutely needed.
  3. Serving Utensils for any pasta salads or cut up fruit, etc.
  4. A cutting knife and small cutting board, if required. Make sure to wrap the blade in a kitchen towel for safe transportation.
  5. Bottle Opener or corkscrew for any adult beverages.
  6. Napkins for face and hand clean up ! Nothing is worse than forgetting napkins and having sticking hands for the duration of your trip.

Cleaning Supplies

  1. Trash Bags to clean up and easily transport your mess to the nearest trash bin. It is extremely important that you dispose of all of your mess. It is uncool to leave any litter behind.
  2. Moist Towelettes, for extra cleanliness. These come in handy when there is no access to running water.
  3. Paper Towels, to help clean up any spills or wipe down any containers, bowls, or utensils when packing up.


  1. A blanket to sit on if no picnic tables are available. This blanket should be big enough to comfortably host your picnikers as well as all of the picnic supplies, food, and beverages.
  2. A wicker picnic basket, backpack, or tote to easily transport all of your picnic goodies. Try to find a roomy carrier that will be able to hold everything you need. A lightweight carrier is a major bonus.