How to Save on Picnics

Many people complain that after spending a day out with the family the budget seems to be broken. And even if the event was free the cost of food and other entertainment make the family outing expensive. But going on a picnic with the family brings with it so many positive emotions and awesome family memories that it would be wrong to refuse from it. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions that will enable you to go out and spend less. Look into the following cost saving strategies that will help you save each time you go on a picnic.

1. Bring Your Food From Home

Eating out on the weekend is expensive, but if you pack picnics to go with it won't cost a fortune anymore! Plan a trip to a free zoo or some festival, circus or a museum and enjoy the food you've brought with you after the event. Other places that are great for a family picnic are local parks, stadiums, the lake shore or beach, the playground, sightseeing, etc.
If you plan on going to a park, beach or some other location with picnic tables and public grills, the best thing you can do is pack the ingredients and prepare your own food there. You can even bring food that has not been precooked. You may bring some hot soups, salads, baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese on top, corn salsa and chips, sandwiches, homemade popcorn and more.

2. Plan Your Picnics Ahead

You can save a lot of money by planning your picnics ahead of time. Make sure you include all the food you will need for the picnic in the list of your grocery products for a week so you could purchase everything necessary in advance, and possibly even take advantage of special deals and bargains retailers may offer. We recommend preparing the foods ahead of time too as on the morning of your picnic you are likely to have too many things to do.

3. Mind Food Safety.

Make sure you store hot and cold foods in different containers so hot foods stayed hot and cold foods cold. You will need minimum two ice packs in a sealed cooler to store cold foods.

4. Purchase Quality Picnic Gear

If you regularly go on picnics it makes sense to buy some picnic gear you typically use. For example, having a nice picnic blanket with waterproof backing is a must, especially for families with kids. For example, Macy’s features Picnic Time Anthology Collection Vista Outdoor Blanket that can easily turn into a stylish tote! This handy outdoor blanket is really versatile, with a multi-colored topside, solid-colored underside and ample pocket room. You can save 20% on your purchase of quality picnic gear, including this blanket, at macys if you use discount code.

You might also love other products from Picnic Time collection, such as the Laguna Picnic Tote featuring insulated cooler section with deluxe picnic service for two. It also comes with a separate insulated, two-bottle beverage section that is equipped with a padded divider and peek-through closures for tall bottles.

Or consider getting a cooler backpack for carrying food and a regular backpack for plates, utensils, seasonings, and foods that don’t need cooling. To keep food cool you may use hard freezer packs or just frozen water bottles. A quality thermos will come in handy if you want to bring along soups. And don’t forget to fetch baby wipes.

It will take you several minutes to clean up after the picnic if you bring with you a couple of grocery store bags.

Well, suppose, you go out with a family once a week and spend $30 on food which is actually not much, you would spend around $1,500 a year. But you can save this sum of money by bringing your own food which is covered by your normal grocery budget.