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Consider combining tourism, a family picnic and a visit to the vineyard for an unforgettable experience to last for a lifetime. Preparing for a picnic won't take long. Let's get started! wine cellar At the winery you can experience the romance of the Middle Ages. Exploring the wine cellars you will dive into the charming atmosphere of chivalry and fairy tale. You will feel as if you were in the old castle, with cellars made of crude stone, ancient forged lanterns hanging on the walls and oak barrels filled with different wines. It's especially nice to explore the wine cellars in a hot summer day as there the temperature and air humidity are maintained at the level required by the winemaking process. After touring the winery you can enjoy your meal outside on the terrace near the fountain. The hosts will offer you the menu that features local homemade dishes with rich flavor. You are sure to like the picnic in Sonoma County Wineries.


At some wineries you will even be offered homemade bread and cheese. And at night when you get tired of all impressions, you can relax in a cozy room with shower and comfortable bed. Such a picnic may become the best weekend getaway you have had for years.

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What can be better than enjoying the great outdoors?! Only a getaway with those you love! So grab your kids, parents or friends and visit Castello di Amorosa, for example. You will want to bring home some produce you tried at the winery. Such local treats are typically offered for sale at the winery shop, but keep in mind that food purchased there can expire sooner than the products available at the supermarkets. So make sure you keep your picnic food safe.

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If for some reasons you don't drink wine you sill should visit Napa Valley – a wonderful place with beautiful views.

Another benefit of having a picnic is its relatively low cost. We can say that everyone can afford to have a great picnic. But don't be scared as you won't meet too many people there. The reasons are different, but one of them is lack of awareness. Sometimes it seems that the visitors keep these places secret and keep coming back again and again. Probably they want this spot to be reserved only for them?

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Yes, there are places in the world and the USA in particular which are just great for a family picnic with kids and grandchildren. These places are just like another world inside a big one, and such spots need to be taken care of as they are invaluable gifts of nature!